Hercules had to perform 12 labours over 12 years. In July , you have just 24 hours to cover between 1 and 78 miles, tackling as many as you can.  A ‘labour’ will be completed by visiting one of the 12 chosen control locations in the mystical surroundings of The Long Mynd.Long Mynd

For some labours, a small, relevant item must be collected at the control point and returned to the HQ in Church Stretton. For a few, completion of the labour will only be revealed upon visiting the control location where participation in a small task may be required! If you know us, then you know you should be prepared for anything when you arrive at a location, and certainly for a few surprises.  Each of the 12 locations in The Long Mynd and surrounding countryside  has been carefully chosen, as it’s name, or location or feature is  crytically tied to one of the mythical Labours. 

The Labours are all at varying distances from the Race HQ. The closest is just half a mile away (a 1 mile round trip). The furthest is 6 miles away (12 miles round trip). By now you may have guessed that the rest all lie in distances in between.  Add those distances  together; 1 through to 12, and you have a total of 78 miles. There may be no Mount Olympus in the Shropshire, but rest assured the paths to the labours will neither be flat or easy. There is 17,000ft of ascent and descent to tackle if you choose to complete all 12.  The 12 routes will take in many of the impressive local peaks and landmarks.


It’s a foreboding task for any one man or woman, and so there are 3 classes by which you can enter. Race entry costs can be found on the ‘Register’ page.

  • Hercules / Hera (Solo male / Solo female)
  • Titans (Pairs)
  • Argonauts (Teams of 3-6)

As a pair or a team, you take turns to go out to a Labour, spreading the mileage.  You can of course run together or in groups if you wish, that’s up to you. You can split the effort up however you choose according to the abilities of your pair or team. Discover who our latest participants to sign up are, on the event Facebook page.

Winners will be crowned from each class; those who completed the most labours in 24 hours, or complete all 12 Labours in the fastest time. Trophies will be awarded, and other riches bestowed. Be warned; the God’s will not make it easy for you to complete the Labours. Hades is angry. Charon waits anxiously at the edge of the River Styx for all those who fail.

All participants will be able to rest or sleep indoors (floor space, so bring your sleeping bag!), at no extra cost!


After the resounding success of all their events in since 2012, with more on the way in 2016.  Participants described our events  as “the best organised ultras they had ever done”. 

We’re set to make Hercules nect journey in July, even better!