How tough is the challenge?

It’s as tough as you want to make it. You can choose to complete 1 labour, and run a single mile or you can choose to complete all 12 and run almost 80.  You can enter solo, if you’re up for a serious challenge (or maybe slightly nuts!).  You can be more sensible and enter in pairs (Titans), or as a team if 3-6 members (Argonauts).  The event takes place over 24 hours, so you will be running at night at some point.

What is included in the entry price?

  • Race entry from experienced race organisation
  • Timing
  • Custom OS map
  • 24 hour rolling buffet at HQ
  • limited crash space to rest and sleep at HQ
  • food and drink at some remote checkpoints
  • medical support,

I’m scared of navigation! How good do my navigation skills need to be?

You will be supplied with a written route description, as well a custom  map, on which will be drawn  suggested routes to each of the 12 Controls.  All controls can be reached, or very close to major footpaths or minor roads.  One or two of the controls can be reached by 95% road alone, but most involve some a mixture of road and footpath.  You can choose your own routes if you wish.  There will not be any course markings for this reason. You’ll have to find your way around some of the course in the dark, if you choose to run at night. You should therefore be confident with map reading, and be able to identiy your location on a map.  If you can take a bearing then that’s a extra degree of confidence. You are allowed to carry and use a GPS or GPS enabled iphone or android phone (with suitable app), and program in the 12 routes and/or 12 Control locations.  GPS should always been considered backup to paper navigation skills.  We run free navigtion training days, why not join one and we’ll teach you how easy it is! Virtually all of the course would appear on OS 217 Map.

Kit list: what do I need to carry with me on the run?


  • A custom OS map (will be supplied by us on race day).
  • Compass (and know how to use it with an OS map)
  • a mobile phone
  • waterproof jacket, and clothing suitable for the conditions
  • Reflective jacket / reflective bands to wear over your top/jacket at night. There are the road sections and traffic. Make sure you can be seen.
  • head torch (and spare batteries, or spare torch)
  • space blanket & whistle
  • drinks bottle / mug / camelback
  • some food for the course to supplement checkpoint food.
  • any personal medication


  • Trail shoes. Road shoes will not provide sufficient grip especially in wet weather. Fell shoes or similar will provide superior grip on certain sections if the ground is very wet, but trail shoes are the overall best choice.
  • additional warm clothes
  • Hat and gloves
  • waterproof trousers
  • first aid kit

Can I leave a bag at the start / finish?

Yes, you can leave your belongings at the race HQ and you can come back and use it whever you come back to HQ. There will be someone there at all times, but don’t leave anything valuable in the bag. We can’t be responsible for any loss. It might be useful to label your bag with your name and race number so that we can find it if there is an emergency.

Do I need to carry spare batteries and a spare bulb for my head torch?

We strongly recommend that you replace the batteries in your head torch before you begin (and test it!) and either carry spare batteries, or a spare head torch. A spare bulb is not necessary (most torches use LEDs anyway). Try out your headtorch on a night run, if you’re struggling with footing, consider a brighter one (more lumens). Poor visibility will really slow you down when running at night

Can I use a GPS?

Yes, you can use a GPS if you wish to.  If you select your own route it won’t help you choose the fastest route to a Control, that’s where paper navigation skills help. You should be still be able to navigate from map and compass anyway. You may well have time to plot the Control grid rerferences into your GPS before the event starts, or during the event. GPS is useful to pinpoint where you are in case you get lost.  If you need navigation trainng then we often take groups out to train then free of charge.  Let us know if you need any help.  You can also opt to hire a Racedrone GPS tracker to use on the event.  The trackers are the kind used for  D of E Tracking as well as Scout GPS Tracking, and general GPS Events Tracking.

Do I have to stick to the race routes. What about short-cutting?

No, you can choose your route as long as you use authorised rights of way. In some cases we have arranged permission to use private land and you will be advised where. Your map may also shown out of bounds areas for ecological reasons. These will be strictly enforced .

What is the cut off time?

24 hours. For every minute you are late there will be a stiff time penalty added to your score!

How will I find my results?

Full electronic results will be published, with splits for all Labours/Controls.

What happens if I lose my electronic Chip or tracker ?

Chips cost £20 to replace, and trackers cost £120.  Wear each carefully, or store it safely. When you register you’ll sign out the chip and/or tracker. If you lose either, you’ll have to replace it, sorry!

Are there showers?

Not at HQ, only toilet and wash facilities. However we have negotiated with nearby Fieldhead campsite for use of showers (Ts&Cc apply)

Will we be put into groups when it gets dark?

No, you are allowed to run the event individually of course, as a solo competitor. If you wish to run in groups or pairs in the day or night, that is your own choice.  You may wish to do so and we’d encourage it, but it will not be enforced. If you’re not a confident navigator then should ensure you are permanently paired with someone who is, at all times when out on the course.

What map do I need?

We will provide you with a custom double sided OS map of the event when you arrive. You are welcome to bring your own maps as well if you wish.

Will I need to take my own food & drink?

The HQ (and sometimes one or more remote CP’s) will will stock a variety of food and drink (hot drinks at some CPs), cold drinks, some snacks; such as biscuits, sweets and crisps. However, it is recommended that you carry some of your own food that you would normally eat on a run. You should carry a water bottle and this can be refilled at the HQ, at or certain manned checkpoints. Of course you can buy food or drink at any shops you may find on the route too. Hell, you can stop in a pub and have lunch if you feel the urge!

How far away are the Controls?

There are 12 Labours, or Control locations. The closest is a 1 mile round trip back to HQ. The furthest is a 12 mile round trip back to HQ. The rest are all in between; 1 through to 12 mile round trip; added makes 78 miles.

What happens if I can’t finish the event?

You can opt to only complete some of the Labours if you wish, that is up to you. Your times will be recorded along with everyone elses.  However, if you wish to retire (injury), you should retire at HQ or a manned Control. If at a manned Control you will be taken back to the race HQ when we can arrange transport for you. If you have to retire elsewhere and make your own way off the course you must use your phone to call the race organisers and notify them of your intentions. Failure to do this could result in mountain rescue being notified unnecessarily.

Do you recommend we take advantage of accommodation before or after the race?

You will have just undertaken a very tough challenge, and you will be very tired. You will not be in a fit condition to drive straight home afterwards.You will likely finish sometime during the night or early morning.  You may want a bed for the night before the race, so you get more sleep rather than a long journey. There are plenty of camp sites in the area, and we are right next door to Edale campsite.  Edale youth hostel is also not far away. Once the event starts you have access to areas (floor space) to rest and sleep for the duration of the event (from 10am Saturday until 10am on Sunday)

British explorer and mountaineer Sir Ranulph Fiennes unfortunately fell asleep at the wheel, and crashed his car, after completing a night-long ultramarathon in 2010. So, it can happen to the best of us! Please stay locally, or arrange for someone to drive, who has not just taken part in the race. There B&B’s in the locality too.

 Can I reccie the course in advance?

We are not issuing a course in advance. You can scrutinise the local area and try and figure out where in the 156 square km that are in play, we might have the controls though!

What about travel to Edale?

There is a train station, right next to the HQ!

Do we get a meal at the end ?

We will operate a 24 hour rolling buffet! You can pay your registration and eat snacks for 24 hours if you don’t mind coming last!

Are places limited?

Yes. We have to cap entries for reasons of capacity and parking.

What will the weather be like?

It’s July, it should be warm, even at night.  However, it could also snow, you know what the UK is like. Keep a close eye on the forecast and come prepared.

I have more questions?

Why not post them on the event’s new Facebook Page, and we’ll answer them there. Or contact us via contact us link on the menu.