What time does it start?

8am. Registration from 6:30am

How tough is the challenge?

The 50 mile event has over 3000 m of elevation, and has a 17 hour cut off. The cut off is 1 hour longer than last year, but we have added over 2000ft of ascent.  17 hours is fairly generous and should be well within the reach of most ultra runners. 80% of 50 milers completed in 2014 and 2015.

Will I be running at night?

Almost everyone will yes.  So you will need to ensure your drop bag has a head torch and plenty of batteries to see you through the night and you can navigate at night. You will need to bring reflective strips or a high vis jacket too.

We like to organise events that take place during (or include) the night as it’s a novel way to increase awareness of Malignant Melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, caused primarily by sun damage.  It is the most common form of cancer in people aged 15-34.  Each year, approximately 2,000 people die in England and Wales due to melanoma and more than 10,400 people are diagnosed with it.  You may well need sunblock for this event, but please use it when you’re out running in the day any time.  Runners spend a lot of time outdoors, and don’t always slap on the sunblock.  If you’re worried about a mole, please get it checked at your doctor as soon as you can, as malignant melanoma is very aggressive, and early diagnosis is vital.

We have tried to keep the race entry fee as low as we can.  We use these events to cover our company operating costs, and then donate all profits from our Dusk til Dawn event it to Macmillan Cancer Support.  If you’d like to help further, by running the event sponsored, then great, we’d love that!  You can get a sponsorship form from us.

What is included in the entry price?

  • Electronic Chip Timing
  • Custom maps, highlighting the route
  • A fantastic award Medal
  • Staff and first aid medical support
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Food and Drink at the HQ throughout
  • Participation in a fun as well as tough event!

How good do my navigation skills need to be?

We do supply you will a map and a full and comprehensive written route description for each loop. That on it’s own is very good, but we assume you are able to navigate from the event-supplied map, or your own map if you wish. You may find your way around the course in the dark.  You can use GPS but you should have paper map skills; you should be able to identify your location on a map. Some tricky sections of the route may be marked, but these are small sections of the route. Route marks can go missing so cannot be relied upon totally.

Kit list: what do I need to carry with me on the run?


  • Custom A3-sized 50k scale OS map (will be supplied by us on race day). The map is laminated and somewhat water resistant.
  • Compass (and know how to use it with an OS map)
  • a mobile phone.  – Mobile coverage on some parts of the course is poor. Network dependant
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Additional warm layer (fleece, down layer suggested) – can be in drop bag if weather is warm
  • Reflective jacket / reflective bands to wear over your top/jacket.
  • head torch (and spare batteries, or spare torch) – Can be in drop bag
  • space blanket & whistle
  • drinks bottle / mug / camelback
  • some food for the course to supplement checkpoint food.
  • any personal medication


  • Trail shoes not road shoes
  • More additional warm clothes
  • Hat and gloves
  • waterproof trousers
  • first aid kit

Can I leave a drop bag at the start / finish.

Yes, you can leave your belongings at the race HQ, but since it is right next to your car you may want to simply leave it there.  There will be someone at HQ at all times, but don’t leave anything valuable in the bag.  We can’t be responsible for any loss.  It might be useful to label your bag with your name and race number so that we can find it if there is an emergency.  Remember you will have access to your bag at HQ throughout.

Do I need to carry spare batteries and a spare bulb for my head torch?

We strongly recommend that you replace the batteries in your head torch before you begin and either carry spare batteries (more than 1 set of spares is recommended), or a spare head torch.  A spare bulb is not necessary (most torches use LEDs anyway).  Try out your headtorch on a night run, if you’re struggling with footing, consider a brighter one (more lumens).  Poor visibility will really slow you down on a night run.  Make sure you test your headtorch before you turn up!

Can I use a GPS?

Yes, you can use a GPS if you wish, the route will be available to download from the Routes page of the website. The 2016 route is different to 2015 and 2014.

Do I have to stick to the race route. What about short-cutting?

You must follow the race route.  It has been carefully chosen in many sections for safety and to minimise disturbance to residents.  Farm owners are aware you are coming through specific paths of their land.   Follow the route for your own safety.  There are one or two areas that may look tempting to shortcut. Don’t!   There are several self-clip checkpoints on the course to avoid short cuts.

What is the cut off time?

17 hours. You need to average better than 3.0 mph for 50 miles.  If you average speed is lower than that at the time you want to start your final loop, then you won’t be able to continue. We will publish a “last departure time” for each loop.

How will I find my results?

Results will be published online.

Are there showers?

Yes there are.

Will we be put into groups when it gets dark?

No, you are allowed to run the event individually.  If you wish to run in groups or pairs, that is your own choice, it will not be enforced.  If you’re not a confident navigator then you should not enter, or ensure you are paired with someone at all times who is!

Railway Level-Crossing Safety

We would like to thank Network Rail, and especially Jim Metcalfe for providing consultation on our routes and helping suggesting safe areas by which you can cross the train line.  There will be no level crossings on the official Apocalypse 50 route, and at no point should you attempt to use any level crossing during the event.

For general use on level crossings, please read this safety information


What map do I need?

We will provide you with custom double sided A3 sized  map of the event when you arrive.  For those local to Church Stretton, this will probably be sufficient.  If you are not familiar with the area or prefer more detail, then we recommend you also carry your own 25k maps for the whole route.

Will I need to take my own food & drink?

The main HQ checkpoints will stock a variety of drinks; water, juice and Pepsi. Food; such as biscuits, cake, flapjack, brownies, jelly sweets, crisps, samosas, etc.  However, it is recommended that you carry some of your own food that you would normally eat on a run.  You should carry a water bottle and this can be refilled at the checkpoints.

How far apart are the checkpoints?

The central HQ is the only checkpoint. That would be between 10 and 15 miles, depending on the loop you tackle

What happens if I can’t finish the race?

If you cannot finish the race, you should retire at HQ.

Is this a qualifying event for anything ?

Yes, the 100 miler is a qualifier for all of these events.

Can I reccie the course in advance?

Of course.  Run along it as many times as you like!

What about travel to Church Stretton

It has good road access and also a train station.  We can arrange a collection if required.

Do we get a meal at the end?

We will give you a light meal at the finish; such as meat or vegetarian pasty or jacket potato. We will also have rice pudding, fruit and snacks too.

Are places limited?

Yes.  We have to cap entries for reasons of capacity and parking.

What will the weather be like?

Your guess is as good as ours.  We have targeted this date because the weather should be mild, and could even be warm.  There are no guarantees as we all know

I have more questions?

Why not post them on the Beyond Marathon Community Facebook Page, and we’ll answer them there.  Or contact us via contact us link on the menu.

I need a refund?

Refund Policy:

Full refund is available up to the 14th April 2016.  All refunds are less a 5% credit card transaction which we pay when you book. After May 14th 2016 no refund is possible but you may transfer your place to someone else free of charge.