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30th June – WS100 & Thames Ring 250 results

The Western States 100 has now concluded, with 238 out of 399 finishing. Hal Koerner won in 16:24, Tsuyoshi Kaburagi was 2nd in 16:52. Congratulations to both. UK Ultra Distance athlete Jez Bragg came 3rd in a time of 16:54. An impressive acheivement for Jez, well done!

The Thames Ring 250 concluded at the weekend. Around 40 athletes took part. Just 12 made it through to the finish. The event was won by John Kinder in a time of 59hours and 49 minutes. Friend and advisor to this website, Mark Cockbain, came in an impressive 5th. The event was marred by some runners being attacked around London, but fortunately no one suffered serious injuries. Well done to everyone who took part in this years event.

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June 26th – WHW results, Thames Ring 250

Last weekend Team Axarsport did their final Al Andalus Ultra Trail course recce. There is just Only 3 weeks to go and it looks like the final runner total will be 60 representing 12 countries. 12 teams should also ensure a tough fight, the 2 Para reg teams coming over from Afganistan service should be ok in the heat, 39C today, the French and Spanish teams are also seasoned campaigners. Mimi Anderson is a strong favourite for the women’s title but Catherine Dubois (3rd woman in UTMB 2008) is pretty hard to beat.
Paul from Axarsport covered the first and final stages with some Check Point crew and marked the route. He will re-mark on the morning of the stage.

Between now and the race the road books will be printed, maps printed, arrows and banners made and all the crew fully prepared. The race GP is flying in from the UK, courtesy of the Across the Divide Expedition Medical Training service but hopefully they won’t need to call on his training!!

Last weekend’s West Highland Way race was won by Scott Bradley in a time of 16:11:56, with Jan Lantink 2nd place, 10 minutes behind.

The 250 mile(!) Thames Ring Ultra, the longest single stage race that we believe has ever taken place in the UK, got going yesterday. We’ll bring more information to you as we know it, but the event doesn’t even have a website of it’s own, so details are few and far between right now!

Eric LaHaie did indeed win the RTP Gobi March, as expected and mentioned in the news last week. Riel Carol came 2nd, and Sean Abbott 3rd. Diana Hogan-Murphy from Ireland was the first woman to finish. Well done to everyone who took part.

This weekend is the 24 hour track race in Brisbane, Australia organised by Sri Chinmoy. Quite a mental, as well as physical challenge running aruond a 400m track for 24 hours, changing direction every 3 hours.

Also this weekend is the famous Western States 100, the oldest and largest trail race in the USA. The race starts from Squaw Valley in California, and finishing in Auburn.

We’ll bring you news from both events next week.

Enjoy your running this weekend!

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June 25th – new events added

Quite a few new events have been added onto the site recentley, with more being added all the time

Sri Chinmoy 24-hour race – 24 hour track race in Brisbane, Australia
GL3 Lakeland Challenge – 3 day mountain marathon challenge in the UK
WildEndurance – 48 hour moutain challenge near Sydney, Australia
Thar Desert Run – multi day desert ultra in India
High Peak 40 Challenge – single stage event in the UK Peak District
Deep Space Mountain Marathon – single stage mountain event near Canberra, Australia
Bush Marathon Festival 60k – single stage mountain event near Canberra, Australia
The Lakeland 100 – The Ultra Tour of the Lake District, UK

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June 19th – Gobi March, Eagle Isle Ultra

The Gobi March is now well underway, with competitors currently tackling or still finishing the long stage. 17 out of the 118 starters have withdrawn or are no longer classified in the rankings by stage 5, so they’ve obviously been finding things tough out there.

Eric LaHaie from the USA, leads Carol Riel from France by just over an hour after stage 6, So with the last stage being so short, pending any disaster, Eric has wrapped up the victory already.

First female is Diana Hogan-Murphy from Ireland who is 17th overall with an hour and 20 minutes lead over her next female rival.
Back in Europe, this weekend Organisers of the Eagle Isle Ultra are recce and training event, which they’ll be posting photos from sometime next week. The Eagle Isle Ultra is a 3-day event which takes place in September. See the main events listings for more details.

Also up in Scotland this weekend, is the always-sold-out West Highland Way Race, a 95 mile race in 35 hours along the West Highland Way trail. See the main events listings for more details, and we’ll be bringing you the results from that next week.

Enjoy your running this weekend!

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June 13th – new site layout goes live

The improved site design is live today. Changes are:

Wider screen – the page width is now 1024. This gives more room for everything in general.

Text size choice – You can now select the font size of your choice when viewing an event. A few people were struggling to read some details with various configurations. This should make it easier for all. The fonts should be sharper too.

Event layout – The information boxes are wider, so more information can be read at once. The event statistics are now split into individual boxes for ease of reading. The photo thumbnails are moved to the bottom of the screen, and the main photo is a little larger too. The logos should be a little sharper too.

Event Calendar – The calendar is mostly unchanged. We’ve taken the logos off, and added a sharper look “View events” button.

Reviews – reviews are starting to come in now, so quite a few events have updates. More and coming in all the time, so keep checking back. Please submit any if you wish.

Ultra News – This blog page has been added. News items will be added about ultras around the world, and any site forum members related news. The blog page is still new and being refined, so bear with us on this one. You will only be able to view news items on the blog. I will filter out the events in the next few days to leave only the News items.

Comments – you can post comments on here, or of course in the main forum, and even via email from the “Contact us” link.

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June 12th – Namibia, Gobi March, Indian races

RacingThePlanets (RTP) Namibia event concluded on 23rd May. Salvador Calvo Redondo won overall, South Africam Ryan Sandes came in second, and legendary Marco Olmo from Italy came in 3rd. Lucy Hilton from the UK was the first woman.

RTPs Gobi March gets underway this weekend. 130 competitors from 28 countries are expected to arrive in Kashgar, China to take part in the annual week long 250km event. The event takes place are on the far northwest of China near the border with Kyrgyzstan, and has competitors race up to an altitude of 3000m in a culture-rich environment. We’ll be bringing you more news from the event next week.

Two new ultra events in India have appeared on our radar recentley, scheduled for inurgural outings in 2009.
The Great Indian Desert Run TM 2009 and the Thar Desert Run 2009.

Both sounds distinctly different; one is campsite based, the other has competitors staying in a luxury hotel each evening. We don’t know a great deal about either race organisation at the moment. Maybe you do, and have been to any previous events. If you have, let us know.

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What’s new June 8th

The site is getting a some major updates to make it the whole page wider, allow text size changing, improve readability, text shaprness, and a few other tweaks. It should altered before 15th June. Check the forum for a sneak preview and to make your comments known.

Improvements are being made to the calendar, and What’s New will become News. This is a place where you can catch up with not only the latest site news – new events added or new features added, but also get up to date on ultra news worldwide. We will bring you news and highlights from recent events, and sometimes a daily news update when one of the feature races is taking place.

Additionally we will be featuring member related news. Any member of the forum community can send us their forthcoming races, or anything they feel newsworthy and we’ll post it up, and you can cheer them on.

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What’s new, June 3rd

The Race Calendar is up and running. This gives you another way of finding Ultras. You can view the calendar and find suitable dates. Of course sometimes there is more than one event on at the same time, so be sure to choose the “1 or 2” from above the first calendar, if given that option when choosing your date. You will be able to “View Event” for any listing and be taken to the more detailed event page. All feedback welcome as always.

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What’s new, June 1st

Right now everything is new. We launched officially on June 1st. We appreciate all feedback, and have already made a few minor visual tweaks.


In 2018, a race where you start anywhere you like, as long as you reach the finish within 24 hours. ...

Convergence - Summer

June 9, 2018, 12:00pm - June 10, 2018, 6:00am

It’s game time. In this game, you will gamble on your own fitness and ability. You know where the finish line is, but you are not following a fixed course; you “make” your own course. You tell no one else where you intend to start from. That way you are blind-betting against everyone as to from how far away you will start, and thus, how high you will eventually rank. Those who travel the furthest, rank highest. However, if you don’t reach the finish line you don’t get a medal, so gamble wisely…. The premise is simple. You can start from anywhere you want, at midday. You then have 24 hours to ‘converge’ on the central finish line in order to claim your award. You make your own route. You can start any distance from the finish line, but the further away you start, the better your award (should you make it to the finish). All distances are measured “as the crow flies” from the finish. For all those challenging this is where it gets even more interesting. The people who rank highest are those who travel from the furthest away. You are under no obligation to tell anyone where you are starting, so you are all blind-betting against each other! You won’t know where anyone starts from until the GPS tracking link goes live at midday. Even then, will those who started far away make the finish line on time? Of course if you start 100 miles away and miss the finish line cut-off, then you don’t get a medal. Oh, the cruelty. The Crow will be watching all of those Converging, using the miracle of Race Drone event tracking technology. The Crow will judge how far the shadows have run, and reward them with the right medal on the line. If you travel from 30 miles away or fewer, we’ll email you a certificate only. Venture from further away (30 to 60 miles) and claim a Silver Convergence, 60 to 90 miles and you’ll take Gold. If you come from 90 miles or more away (As the crow flies), then you’ll claim the Black Convergence medal. There is a little more to tell you. You can Converge only on foot. The Crow knows how fast you travel You can Converge solo for 24 hours, either female or male If you are scared of the dark, you can converge for 24 hours as a pair You will be given no advice on where to run, or hide You make your own route. Use any means you wish to wayfind You obviously can’t use private land or anything illegal (motorways etc). Your route choice is your own choice and risk. We recommend strongly that you stay off A-roads, or roads that have no pavement There are no checkpoints. Use your wit and guile to feed yourself. Call for your mother if you must The World will keep an eye on you from afar using tracking technology Have more questions? The wise old bird has the answers Feel ready to take your first steps into a darker world? Register Here

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