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New events added

Just added in the USA are the events:
Grindstone 100 in Swoope, VA.
The Tahoe Midnight Express Ultra at Lake Tahoe, CA
and The Arkansas Traveller 100, in Arkansas.

A first ultra for Iceland has been added – The Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, a 56km race across the Iceland highlands.

Finally three races in a series in the UK:Classic Quarter, Classic Cliffs, Classic Crossings. All very different and challenging races.

Be sure to check them all out on the main website

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July 20th – Al Andalus results, USA events

AL Andalus Ultra Trail has concluded in Spain this weekend. The full results and stages results are on Al Andalus web site
Runners were saying it was the best and hardest event they have ever done. Only 2 full teams finished and only 34 of the 59 starters completed all the stages, so it sounds like it was pretty tough out there.
There will be lots of photos ready shortly plus DVD and some short films on their webiste.
The race was won by Raul Morales Lopez, an hour and 13 minutes ahead of his nearest rival, Team Axarsports own Mark Woolley. 8th overall and 1st lady was Mimi Anderson, around 2 and a half hours ahead of second place lady Catherine Dubois.
We look forward to hearing more about the event, and will publish the reviews on the main websites event listing.

Four events have been added onto the site in the last week, all in the USA.
Plain 100, Bear 100, and Cascade Crest 100, and also the Watershed Preserve 12 hour race. Be sure to check them out from the main map.

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July 15th – Badwater, Al Andalus, Arch to Arc

First of all, well done to Jo Kilkenny, who has completed the run to Dover in her “Arch to Arc” attempt in a record time. She now rests before swimming the 22 mile English Channel to France at 3am on Thursday (weather dependant), and then cycling 180 miles to Paris. You can follow her progress on her website.

Another congratulations to Mark Cockbain who has once again completed The Badwater Ultramarathon, in absolutely brutal temperatures. The race was won by Brazilian Marcos Farinazzo in a time of 23:39:18. The first lady to finish was USA’s Jamie Donaldson in 27:20:18. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Stage 3 of the Al Andalus Ultra Trail is now complete. Raul Morales Lopezhas has the lead by 45 minutes to his nearest rival Mark Woolley. The leading lady at the moment is the UK’s Mimi Anderson and she is also 8th overall. Mimi holds a commanding lead over second place lady Catherine Dubois, who is currently over 2 hours behind her. Still 2 stages to go in Spain, we’ll bring you more as we know it.

Finally, some very sad news to bring you. Dario Melaragni, well known race director of the West Highland Way Race, and Cateran Trail Ultramarathon in Scotland, passed away a few days ago near the summit of Lochnagar whilst out with friends, who battled to save his life. We’d like to pay our deepest respects, and send our thoughts out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

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July 10th – Al Andalus & Arch to Arc preview

Just a few days until this years Al Andalus Ultra Trail gets under way, in Andalucia, Spain.

July 13th – 17th, 2009
Poniente Granadino
Andalucia – Spain
250km, 5 stages, supported.
(A very tough, scenic, mountainous route)
Stage 1 – Loja – Alhama de Granada
Stage 2 – Alhama de Granada – Jatar
Stage 3 – Jatar – Jayena
Stage 4 – Jayena – Santa Cruz del Comercio
Stage 5 – Santa Cruz del Comercio – Loja

Make sure you keep up with the latest news. Hopefully we’ll be posting updates here, but you can also follow the latest news on the event website

Also getting underway on the 13th July is the Badwater Ultramarathon. Beyond Marathon site advisor and friend Mark Cockbain is taking part yet again. He’s just completed the Thames ring 250 (miles), and now he’s straight off to Nevada to take part in the 135 mile Badwater, where temperatures are typically above 50C all day, and rarely dip much below 38C at night! Mark has already completed the event twice before, in fact he’s actually done a double Badwater as well! Finishing, climbing Mount Whitney, then running back to the start line!

The best of luck to Mark from Beyond Marathon.

Also starting either on 13th or 14th, weather depedant, is Ultra Athlete Jo KilKenny’s ( Arch to Arc attempt. This consists of an 87 mile run from Marble Arch in London to Dover, swim the 22 miles of the English Channel and cycle 180 mile to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
Only 5 men have successfully completed this event so far with the record standing at 81hrs 5 mins. Jo is raising money for the meningitis trust Good luck Jo!

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July 3rd – new events added, Facebook integration

Plenty more events have been added for those with a UK interest this week. North America will be getting a big increase in events very soon too.

For the UK, the following events are new:
Jurassic Coast Challenge – 3 day event on the South Coast
Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge – 3 day event in Wales
Atlantic Coast Challenge – 3 day event in Cornwall
Coast to Coast – 6 stage ultra, crossing Britiain in the North of England
Doyen of the Downs – single stage ultra on the South Downs
London to Brighton – single stage event. I think you can guess the start and finish points?
Hardmoors 110 – Tough 110 mile moorland ultra in the North of England
Long Tour of Bradwell – 31 mile trail event over the Peak District
Self-Transcendence 24 – 24 hour track race in London

In other site news we are currently working on a replacing the maps with Google Maps. This will allow you to zoom in and out of the maps to much greater detail, especially in a few places that are starting to look a little crowded. It will also give a cleaner look to the maps, and allow easier additions of events. That change is probably a little while away yet, although the prototype site is functioning quite well already.

The Forum Facebook integration has been expanded, so you will now get a Facebook notification if you get a new personal message, or if someone replies to a thread you started. It also allows you to use your Facebook login to the fourm, using a Facebook supplied interface. No Facebook passwords are stored in Beyond Marathon’s database.

Quite a few events now have GPS/Map download files for Google Earth and/or Memory Map. So you can recce a course from your sofa! You will have to create a Forum account to download these files.

That’s all for now, enjoy your running this weekend.


In 2018, a race where you start anywhere you like, as long as you reach the finish within 24 hours. ...

Convergence - Summer

June 9, 2018, 12:00pm - June 10, 2018, 6:00am

It’s game time. In this game, you will gamble on your own fitness and ability. You know where the finish line is, but you are not following a fixed course; you “make” your own course. You tell no one else where you intend to start from. That way you are blind-betting against everyone as to from how far away you will start, and thus, how high you will eventually rank. Those who travel the furthest, rank highest. However, if you don’t reach the finish line you don’t get a medal, so gamble wisely…. The premise is simple. You can start from anywhere you want, at midday. You then have 24 hours to ‘converge’ on the central finish line in order to claim your award. You make your own route. You can start any distance from the finish line, but the further away you start, the better your award (should you make it to the finish). All distances are measured “as the crow flies” from the finish. For all those challenging this is where it gets even more interesting. The people who rank highest are those who travel from the furthest away. You are under no obligation to tell anyone where you are starting, so you are all blind-betting against each other! You won’t know where anyone starts from until the GPS tracking link goes live at midday. Even then, will those who started far away make the finish line on time? Of course if you start 100 miles away and miss the finish line cut-off, then you don’t get a medal. Oh, the cruelty. The Crow will be watching all of those Converging, using the miracle of Race Drone event tracking technology. The Crow will judge how far the shadows have run, and reward them with the right medal on the line. If you travel from 30 miles away or fewer, we’ll email you a certificate only. Venture from further away (30 to 60 miles) and claim a Silver Convergence, 60 to 90 miles and you’ll take Gold. If you come from 90 miles or more away (As the crow flies), then you’ll claim the Black Convergence medal. There is a little more to tell you. You can Converge only on foot. The Crow knows how fast you travel You can Converge solo for 24 hours, either female or male If you are scared of the dark, you can converge for 24 hours as a pair You will be given no advice on where to run, or hide You make your own route. Use any means you wish to wayfind You obviously can’t use private land or anything illegal (motorways etc). Your route choice is your own choice and risk. We recommend strongly that you stay off A-roads, or roads that have no pavement There are no checkpoints. Use your wit and guile to feed yourself. Call for your mother if you must The World will keep an eye on you from afar using tracking technology Have more questions? The wise old bird has the answers Feel ready to take your first steps into a darker world? Register Here

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