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40 Canada Ultra’s added, plus news of site upgrade

We’ve been quietly adding the Canadian Ultras over the last couple of weeks.  There are almost 40 events featured from 6/12/24 hour races, right through to week-long multi-day ultra marathon’s. 

All of the Canadian events are fully featured with difficulty, temperature, competitors as well as all the usual distance and descriptions.  Some events feature route maps and photos, and those that don’t should do very soon.

Now before we add the other 350 worldwide races onto the site, to make the total over 800, the site needs a minor performance upgrade as that many flags showing at once on the global homepage is making it a little slower to load than we’d like.  So, fairly soon you’ll see just one flag per country, and upon clicking that will then be zoomed into a view of all the races for that locality.

As soon as that upgrade is completed (should be within the next week), then we will add all of the other worldwide events onto the site soon afterwards.


Deadwater Ultramarathon. 2nd edition in August 2018. 235 miles long, with 8000m in elevatiom. Run from Scotland to Wales in 6 stages. 2nd round of applications has opened. Now only 25 places remain. Make your application today! ...

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In June 2018 ,start a race unlike any other. You start anywhere you like, as long as you reach the finish line in The Peak District 24 hours later. Run 10 miles, or run over 100. You decide. Graded medals, from Silver to Black! ...

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