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Runners in The Spine spark Mountain Rescue

Three runners in the notoriously difficult Spine Race , which tags itself as ‘Britains most Brutal Race’ sparked a rescue recentley when they were late to a checkpoint. Feared lost in blizzard conditions during a recent cold snap in the UK mountain rescue was called to locate them.  All three were well equiped and had been led to the safety of a refuge hut by one of their number, who was wearing a GPS tracker, which ultimately lead a rescuers to their location, where they were found tired and cold but otherwise unharmed.  A good outcome to what could have been a tradgedy for any who were less well prepared or determined.  Read more here.


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Anyone for 185 miles? Much as that picture looks like a happy little red Dragon lying on it's belly, that is actually the fearsome hill profile (+9085m) for The King Offa's Dyke trail, which runs along the entire South-North border of England and Wales, and has done for 1200 years. This September, do you have what it takes to tackle it, within the 90 hour time limit? There are fewer than 30 places left. ...

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