Dusk ’til Dawn Ultra

Now in it’s third year, after the resounding success in 2012 and 2013. It is an event which participants described as “the best ultra they have ever entered”, The Grim Sweeper will be back to claim more souls in 2014. This year we have an exciting sponsor in RacingThePlanet who are giving all participants a 15% discount at their online store. Read more about that  here.

The challenge sounds simple. You start at 17:49 (sunset), and run all night, but you must finish the course by 06:52 (sunrise).  The course, however, is 50 miles long and rises and falls through the Peak District; accumulating over 9000ft of ascent. Of course you’re navigating by torchlight too.  That sounds like quite a tall order right?  Well, there’s a twist or two.  The race takes place on the one night of the year when Time throws you a lifeline.  At 2am, the clocks go back, giving you one more precious hour to finish the race.  Nature is cruel this year, as  moon is in waxing shadow (almost no moon!) . So, no extra light to help you on your way.

You will be supplied with a custom Ordnance Survey map.  You’ll need to bring your own compass and be confident to navigate at night. Some tricky parts of the course will be marked.  An interactive online map, and a GPS/GPX download are both available.  There are 4 manned checkpoints on the route, stocked with a variety of hot/cold drinks, and snacks.  There are also interim self clip checkpoints, and some road marshals between various CPs.  Waiting for you at the finish line is warm welcome, a medal (Bronze, Silver, Grey or highly prized black, and some food to refill the tank.

Night RunnersThe race starts and at finishes in the village of Hope in Derbyshire. Hope will be abandoned soon after and you will have exactly 14 hours and 3 minutes (that’s 7 minutes less than last year!) to navigate a very challenging 50 mile Peak District course, that follows parts of the Limestone Way, and takes in well known peaks such as Shining Tor and Mam Tor.


Oh, just one more thing…  It was all beginning to sound a little too cosy wasn’t it?  There’s one character you need to keep looking over your shoulder for.  Timing his progress along the whole course with the arrival of dawn, is the Grim Sweeper!  If the Grim Sweeper catches you up, then you could be facing retirement for an early breakfast (we did ask if he’d leave his scythe at home but we’re not convinced he will…he sent 27 souls to the afterlife with it in the 2013 edition!).  All we can say, is don’t let him catch you up! You can find more route details on this page, frequently asked questions are found here, and if you’re ready to register then you can enter the race here. We have secured an exciting sponsorship from RacingThePlanet.  RacingThePlanet is a global store that provide the best adventure racing and running kit sourced and reviewed by experts in the trail running field. On line experts can give you advice and can provide you with a customized kit lists tailored to the event you are doing. All participants in Beyond Marathon races are eligible for a one time 15% discount from the RacingThePlanet store. You can read more about this here. Clock radio