Dusk ’til Dawn Ultra

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Happy 5th Birthday Dusk ’til Dawn! Back for a birthday celebration, after the resounding success in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and 21015. It is an event which participants described as “the best ultra they have ever entered”, The Grim Sweeper will be back to claim more souls in 2016 and this time he wants cake as well your soul.  It’s a very special 5th birthday edition, and because of this Mother Nature has thrown you a lifeline; a longer time limit due to the sunset and sunrise times.  You get 10 mins before than ever before, to chase your way to the finish.  As well as the 50 mile ultra, there is also a 13 mile half-marathon, a 26 ish mile marathon course. All courses will have a some course marking, the shorter courses will have more than the Ultra.  50 mile participants should know how to navigate too.


Night RunnersFor our 5th Birthday we return to The Hope Valley, where Dusk ’til Dawn began. he races starts and at finishes in the Village of Hope at 17:40, at the exact stoke of sunset. Hope will be abandoned soon after you leave for CP1 on top of the mighty Lose Hill.  You will have exactly 14 hours and 24 minutes  to navigate a very challenging 50 mile Peak District course (26 mile and 13 mile options too), that takes in The Cat and Fiddle, Shining Tor, Cat’s Tor, and on some courses follows parts of the Limestone Way and Pennine Bridleway. The course is more or less unchanged in 5 years, and it’s a classic! If you reach the end there will be birthday cake!

We will be offering optional GPS Event Tracking with RaceDrone

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Oh, just one more thing…  It was all beginning to sound a little too cosy wasn’t it?  There’s one character the longer you need to keep looking over your shoulder for.  Timing his progress along the whole course with the arrival of dawn, is the Grim Sweeper!  If the Grim Sweeper catches you up, then you could be facing retirement for an early breakfast (we did ask if he’d leave his scythe at home but we’re not convinced he will…each year he sends more than 25% of  souls to the afterlife with a sweep of his scythe!).  All we can say, is don’t let him catch you up! You can find more route details on this page, frequently asked questions are found here, and if you’re ready to register then you can enter the race here.

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