Half Marathon Route

UPDATED: 7/10/16

For GPS and electronic map users, the route can be downloaded in the following formats;

  • GPX Route
  • Google Earth KML
  • Memory Map
  • Low Res PDF



Charlie Sharpe 2012 winnerThe event starts and finishes in the village of Hope and is entirely on public rights of way or highway. There are 3 refreshment CP’s, but there are also additional road marshal points and self clips in between some CPs. Highlights of the route:

The route starts with long steady climb out of Hope, up to Bak Tor then along to CP1 just before Lose Hill summit, it’s then back down to the Hope valley into Castelton Village to refreshments at CP2.  Next it is up the fearsome Cave Dale.

At the top of Cave Dale you split from the Marathon Route, leaving the Limestone Way and heading for Mam Tor.  It’s a short and mean climb then a great ridge run down to Hollins Cross and CP3, before a quad smashing descent off the ridge to the road. Follow the road to Castleton, then it’s a left turn for the last mile to glory!

The hill profile is shown below. There is 2400ft of ascent and 2400 ft on descent on the route.