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Lapland Ultra

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The organisers welcome you to participate in our 100 km Ultra Marathon race. They guarantee a bright night with the mosquitoes, reindeers or perhaps a elk or bear – the experience of a lifetime!

The first two aid stations serve only water and sports drinks. For the rest of the controls, from 13.5 km also serve blueberry soup, bananas, oranges, chocolates, bread, broth, coffee, tea and Coca-Cola.

+Event Details

Accommodation: Not Applicable

Competitors: Around 20 in ultra

Cost: € 350.00

Day Temp: 14C

Difficulty: Unknown

Distance: 100 km

Entry Reqs: None

Format: Single-Stage

Night Temp: 7C

Relief: To Be Confirmed

Support: To Be Confirmed

Terrain: 50% gravel, 50% asphalt

Time Limit: 26 hours

Website: www.laplandultra.nu/?lang=en

When: June

Where: Adak, Malå, Sweden


Kitlist: Not Given

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Posted: August 6, 2011

Author: admin


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