How tough is the challenge?

We have set a reasonable time limit of 12 hours, but the course is not flat.  There is around 820m of elevation, so you won’t be able to walk it and make it around the course in time. Still, much of the course is fairly flat, so it will make for enjoyable running.  This event should be suitable for someone who has tackled a marathon and wants to step up to ultra distance.

What is included in the entry price?

  • Coach travel to the start (with the coach option)
  • The no transport option – you collect your number from us in Droitwich Spa
  • Tea/Coffee after the event
  • Snacks after the event
  • Finishers certificate (emailed to you)
  • Staff and first aid medical support
  • Snacks and cold drinks at CPs
  • Participation in a fun as well as tough event!
  • Electronic Chip Timing
  • A GPS Tracking device. The same type of GPS trackers for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. These are reliable GPS units which are used every day in all parts of the UK and abroad. Especially useful for showing people back home where you are.
  • Option to buy a medal and tshirt

How good do my navigation skills need to be?

The entire route is a national trail and it was re-waymarked by the councils in 2012.  Our past recces, and feedback from users of the route is very good, regarding the new signage. You will be expected to self-navigate, but we provide a blow by blow written route description to help you.

Kit list: what do I need to carry with me on the run?


  • Maps for whole route. Compass not essential, but useful
  • a mobile phone
  • waterproof jacket, and clothing suitable
  • space blanket, first aid kit & whistle
  • drinks bottle / mug / camelback (cup for checkpoint drinks is mandatory)
  • some food for the course to supplement checkpoint food.
  • any personal medication

Can I leave a bag at the start  finish

Yes, you can leave your belongings at the race HQ ;  but don’t leave anything valuable in the bag.  We can’t be responsible for any loss.  It might be useful to label your bag with your name and race number so that we can find it if there is an emergency.

Can I use a GPS?

Yes, you can use a GPS if you wish, the route will be  available to download from the Routes page of the website, very soon.

Do I have to stick to the race route. What about short-cutting?

You must follow the race route. You will carry a GPS tracker which will check you into the real CPs and also some “virtual CP” on the course to stop short cutters, you little monkeys.

What is the start/cut off time?

At 7:00 am the coach leaves from Broadway. It arrives in Droitwich Spa around 8am. We will start around  8:15am from Droitwich Spa. 12 hour time limit, which means you must finish by 8:15pm.

How will I find my results?

Results will be published online.

Will I need to take my own food & drink?

The checkpoints will stock a variety cold drinks, some snacks; such as biscuits, sweets and crisps.  However, it is recommended that you carry some of your own food that you would normally eat on a run.  You should carry a water bottle and this can be refilled at the checkpoints.

How far apart are the checkpoints?

There are 3 checkpoints, they are roughly every 10-11 miles.

What is the terrain like?

95% trail, very little road.  820M ascent, 915M descent.  It is mostly farmland, cutting in and out of villages from time to time.

There is one big hill (Bredon), and a couple of much smaller ones.

What happens if I can’t finish the race?

If you cannot finish the race, you should retire at a checkpoint.  You will be taken back to the race HQ when we can arrange transport for you or when the CP closes.  If you have to retire elsewhere and make your own way off the course you must use your phone to call the race organisers and notify them of your intentions.  Failure to do this could result in  rescue services being notified unnecessarily.

Can I reccie the course in advance?

Of course.  Run along it as many times as you like!

What about travel to the start /finish ?

You park near the finish, and we take you by coach to the start.

You don’t have to use the coach, and can arrange to meet us and register at the start if you wish. If you do that, you’ll need to arrange your own transport back home of course!

Do we get food at the end?

Nothing fancy, but you’ll get a little food to replenish the carb tanks. We’ll rustle up a hot drink for you too I’m sure.

Are places limited?

Yes.  We are limited by coach seats.  These linear events are very popular, so we expect it to sell out.

What will the weather be like?

Check the forecast before you come and dress wisely!

I have more questions?

Email them to us

What Else?

We always try to awareness of Malignant Melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, caused primarily by sun damage.  It is the most common form of cancer in people aged 15-34.  Each year, approximately 2,000 people die in England and Wales due to melanoma and more than 10,400 people are diagnosed with it.  You are not going to need any sunblock for this event, but please use it when you’re out running in the day time.  Runners spend a lot of time outdoors, and don’t always slap on the sunblock.  If you’re worried about a mole, please get it checked at your doctor as soon as you can, as malignant melanoma is very aggressive, and early diagnosis is vital.

If you’d like to help further, by running the event sponsored, then great, we’d love that!  You can get a sponsorship form from us.


I need a refund?

Refund Policy:

Full refund less £5.00 1 month before the event. Merchandise refunds are only possible 12 weeks before the event.  You may transfer your entry to a friend if you wish in the last month.  Notify us for details on how to so this. You can also opt to donate your entire entry fee to Macmillan Cancer Support.