The Wychavon Way route was changed in 2012.    The course waymarks that are on the route have all been changed and are absolutely correct but is important to note that even today, some OS maps do not show the correct route; they still show the 1977 route!  Also, we have made a couple of changes to the 2012 route for the Ultra event.  Mostly just to cut out a couple of dog-legs in the route, or to avoid some poor ground for faster progress.  Be sure to download the Map Pack  to correct your maps and ensure you recce the correct route!

GPS and electronic map users, the route in that map pack is in the following formats.

  • GPX Route
  • Google Earth (shown above)

The event registration is at the Lifford Hall in the jewel of the Cotswolds; the small town of Broadway,  before boarding a coach to Droitwich Spa, right in the town centre, your ultramarathon, the length of the National Trail begins.South along the edge of Grafton Wood, through Earls common and Shell.  Then onto CP1 at Flyford Flavell (mile 10). Depart for Abberton, on through Yeald Wood then swing South to Church Lent, and then East up Craycome Hill, before reaching CP2 at Wyre Piddle. Depart Wyre and head onto Pershore and then Great Comberton before the single big hill climb of the day to Banbury Tower on the Summit of Bredon Hill, descend to Aston Under Hill at Mile 32 for the last CP, and then through Aston Somerville and Sedgebarrow before coming back to Broadway!