The route?  Well, for once, we’re keeping it under wraps.  Giving out the route would give away some of the surprises.  That area covers 156 square km though…

The event headquarters for the 24 hours event is in Edale Village Hall, Edale, S33 7ZQ.  You will be issued with a map of the area at check-in which will show the 12 suggested routes to the Labour locations. 

It’s up to you, and your team mates if applicable, to decide which control to visit first.  When you visit the Control, you will clip in and in some cases perform a task (Labour), or retrieve an object, and then return to HQ. 

At HQ (nicknamed Olympus for the day) you will check back in and then you decide which control to go for next, pass on the baton (if you are in a team or pair), and then head out to complete the chosen Labour, and so on.  You will be advised at the briefing that certain labours must be visited within certain hours, so you will also have to factor this into your planning.

You can decide how many controls you want to go for in total, but must finish within 24 hours.  Every minute outside of the limit adds a stiff time penalty.