Dusk til Dawn course recces

The proposed course recce dates for 2013 are listed below.  Let us know by email or on the event’s Facebook page if you wish to attend.  You can’t turn up on the day without booking in advance.  The recces are free of charge.  If we don’t get any demand for a particular day/session it will of course be cancelled.

30th August, 31st, 1st Sept

  • Fri 9pm:                            Leg 3:
  • Sat 10am:                          Leg 2
  • Sat 4pm:                           Navigation session at Losehill Hall
  • Sat 9pm:                            Leg 2
  • Sun 10am:                         Leg 1

Sept 15th (this is the day after The High Peak 40 – a great training event for DtD in its own right)

  • Sun 9am:                             Leg 2

October 4th, 5th, 6th

  • Fri 9pm:                               Leg 1
  • Sat 10am:                             Leg 3
  • Sat 4pm:                               Navigation session at Losehill Hall
  • Sat 9pm:                              Leg 3
  • Sun 10am:                           Leg 2

Legs guideline:

  • Leg 1: Castleton               to           Waterloo Inn                                     16 Miles
  • Leg 2: Waterloo Inn       to           Taxal Layby                                        18 Miles
  • Leg 3:Taxal Layby           to           Castleton                                            16 Miles

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