Dusk til dawn 2013 Race Report

Congratulations to each and every one of you who participated  in Dusk ’til Dawn.   Thank you for your kind words and feedback on the event Facebook Page, emails and text messages.  You can find lots of race reviews, feedback and photos on the event’s Facebook page.

In summary, the evening started fine, but the forecast rain came down heavily with a fierce wind for a few hours after 7pm.  The combination of wind and rain, chilled everyone to the bone.  I hope everyone appreciates just why we are so strict with the kit check and kit requirements now.  A few well equipped people still retired due to the cold, or waterproofing failure, which just shows how tough conditions were.  For those of you who reached CP5, by then conditions had vastly improved and most were treated to a rare cloudless and star-filled sky above Shining Tor.  Some earlier finishers experienced no more rain, whereas some had to put up with more showers and wind in the couple of hours before dawn.  Dawn came, along with the sun, and it was hard to believe conditions had been so cruel the night before.  From 95 starters, 52 finished before sunrise, a further 16 finished afterwards, and 27 retired. There were no serious injuries. We dispatched cars and medics to a couple of people who had minor leg injuries and unable to carry on. A few people got lost or slowed (the cold weather a big factor) and were caught by the Grim Sweeper, or timed out at a checkpoint.  For those that retired, we hope you will come back again, with lessons learned and claim your medal in 2014.

About the Author: richard

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